Triggers – Sylvia Bowersox


Triggers by Sylvia Bowersox
48 p. Perfect Bound Book
Edited by Weston Smith
ISBN: 978-1-942359-07-4

“…some of the most intense, authentic moments of the female voice in OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom)—that I’ve never seen in poetry, or elsewhere- the voice is an important one.”
Jonathan Travelstead

“A hip flask of first-run, raw, potent, war-zone whiskey distilled from the professional interviews and personal experiences in multiple guises of an Iraq War tours repeat offender. Holds up a big fuck you finger to the spirit of General Order Number One while describing the desires and fears of those prosecuting that war. Makes you wonder where the author hides the still, and whether or not you can get more.”
Dan Epright, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
Former Commander
American Forces Network, Iraq

“Triggers takes the reader to the dark places in our own minds, places we don’t want to go, spaces we have avoided. The author reveals what our women in combat are doing, seeing, feeling…This is must read for all veterans, men and women alike.”
Yolanda Mayo
Sgt Maj USMC

“No warnings here: just triggers snapping and munitions discharging, bombs bursting, bodies evaporating, rocks being got off by any means, experienced directly by a woman deep in the guts of the war machine, someone fearing and surviving and lusting and pushing through in the face of militant extremism, imperialist horror, and general chaos. It’s hard to tell real from surreal, documentary from Burroughsian hallucination in these pieces. Proceed at your own risk.”
K. Silem Mohammad

“…both title and book are multi-layered, polyvalent, beautiful and horrible in equal measure: a new kind of hybrid war journalism for a new kind of hybrid war/world…Triggers covers a very different aspect of war, an aspect you won’t learn about through your usual news sources: all that cannot be fully or adequately described in the moment of reporting. All that needs to be compartmentalized into “tomorrow’s horrors.” Let this beautiful, horrible book serve as an education, and a warning.”
Sharon Mesmer


Sylvia Bowersox is an Army veteran
who served in Iraq and writes about
the experience. She lives in Chico,
California with her husband Jon,
and her service dog Timothy.