THEBES – A.W. Strouse


Now available as a free ebook.

THEBES is 58 stanzas by poet A.W. Strouse, swimming in the ickiest of Western Civ. It's a joyous chorus of traditional structure and nasty thoughts about the parameters, and the erotics, of our sexual and political lives.

THEBES is an erotic island of prayer, an emancipation, an appropriation of Victorian decadence and the gutter. It's accessible and a little sick. It's formatted for iPhone.

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Thebes was originally presented at Brooklyn Wayfarers
as part of a collaborative exhibition with Harry Cushing
and Juliana Merz. Funded in part through a grant from
the City University of New York. With thanks to Wayne

Published by Jerkpoet, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-942359-06-7
Edited by Weston Smith
ebook $4.99


A.W. Strouse lives in New York City with his boyfriend Evan and his cat Cookie.