Popular Photo – Erik Stinson


Popular Photo
by Erik Stinson
ISBN: 978-1-942359-05-0
Edited by Ingrid Jacobsen
48 p; $15


All the things you wanted when you were a kid are faded.
It was a careful plan and now it’s fucked.
All that shit is now impossible.

I’ve been reading Stinson’s poetry for years, and his balance between the consumer, the everyman, the politician and the artist is frequently surprising and disquieting, in what can be described as the best way.
David Fishkind, author of the forthcoming play Trapdoor and editor of Logue

Stinson is a merciful poet: his red pills are lethal but ethically sourced… He must be one of the smartest people around.
A.W. Strouse, author of THEBES and My Gay Middle Ages

“Erik Stinson is the writer I always wanted to read as an intelligent young person who knew that bigger and stranger things than my suburban life were going on out in the world. Now he’s here, and so is his intensely real (and often next-level-hilarious) vision of the future.”
Nathan Garcia