Partial Objects
by George Pitts
ISBN: 978-1-942359-02-9
60 pages, softcover


Master of the long line and the line break; known for technical perfection and emotional depth; an award-winning photographer, cherished professor, and accomplished essayist – George Pitts delivers here five poems written and published over the course of his prestigious 40+ year career as an artist, intellectual, and thinking-feeling person. The title poem is published in full here for the first time – a sweeping historical-sexual narrative about gender in the 20th century.

“She laid a noodle carefully atop the head of her black cat, and
Joining each end, made a halo on its head, at which point
The cat vanished, leaving only the noodle on the worn wood floor.
The woman resumed her day, busying herself with her usual
Incantations, blessing the lawn, cursing the weeds, and stimulating
Growth in her joint account via the circular repetition of key sounds
That were derived from the cat’s lexicon of purrs. These utterances, feline
And caressing in their civility, were often enunciated when her lover,
Nestled in her tender headlock, fastening the grip of her mouth
Around the massive breast, engorged with ivory broth, lush
And teeming with density, gulped down the drink
With lusty brio. Milk loves the mouth that needs it
And consistent with that edict, her lips parted
Like a fish gagged by a firm breast, germane
To their self-description as weekend paramours:
The busty mom and the super fit milkmaid, ramified by their
Similar chic, they met in their small-town museum attic, during a drawing class,
Where they made extra money modeling for a camera club;
Two gals in love superimposed over a rough draft of a lake view pastoral,
The awnings weep when it rains; a shoebox had been gotten
To collect all the pottery shards, as the women went forward
With their underwater ballet, far from the madding parade of likenesses,
Unawares that on land was a lynch mob of angry housewives, waiting to
Take their picture to compare it with the disheveled snapshot nestled in
Their husbands’ wallets, wrinkled and stuck to a calling card by semen.”

-from “Partial Objects”

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